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Since we were children, we all dreamed of climbing on heels like the ones we see on our mothers. I'm sure we've all, more than once, done it on the sly, trying to awkwardly walk on party shoes several sizes too big than our feet. And I'm sure we also remember in detail when we put on our first party shoes of our own, perhaps on the first end of the year we went out or on the occasion of some important event.

After that first time when we all walked slightly wobbly, high heels have crept into our closets and are reluctant to leave them. It doesn't matter that it can be a little tricky to climb on a pair of stilettos, it will always be worth it.

Every woman needs a pair of classic dress shoes with heels in her wardrobe. Their versatility means that they can be used on a large number of occasions and end up becoming a wild card to fall back on when you are not sure what is most appropriate.