Our Story

Getting to this point has not been an easy task. A long journey based on a philosophy, continuous work and the spirit of sacrifice, has allowed the achievement of the objectives set one after another.

AZAREY is the result of hard work and the enthusiasm to achieve the common dream of a family dedicated to footwear for more than 60 years. Currently, it is the third generation who runs the firm. Two young brothers who care about offering the public a different, fresh and current product, following fashion trends, but always maintaining the brand's own personality.

A good quality product and a very competitive price level make the positioning of our brand and the presence of our products at a national and international level latent. Our growth is exponential and this is due to our effort and constant work. We want you to be part of our project.

Do you dare?

Company Mission & Values

Fashion, style, and comfort are the basic pillars on which AZAREYis based.

Our mission is to meet the needs of today's woman, creating unique collections that complete any wardrobe, with studied designs that fit the trends of the moment, while preserving our exclusive character.

Seriousness, a family atmosphere and the involvement of our team become the values that define the perfect functioning of the company.

Quality Control

AZAREY is synonymous with QUALITY.

Our specialized Quality Team is responsible for carrying out regular inspections from the beginning of the production chain to the completion of the product, ensuring that the raw materials used, as well as the manufacturing techniques, are optimal.

Our commitment to quality is REAL.